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Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio B.A. 1957
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Southern Illinois University   1957/58
Premedical Studies, California State Univ., L.A. M.F.A 1958/61
University of California, Irvine, College of Medicine M.D. 1965



Internship @ Los Angeles County General Hospital   1965/66
Captain, USAF, Physician in Pediatrics etc. Dover, DE   1966/68
Private Practice in Pediatrics & Family Medicine, Lawndale   1968/75
Private Practice of Family Practice & Pediatrics, Westchester   1975/88
Medical Director, Centinela El Segundo Medical Center   1988--


Chairman: Family Practice, Utilization, Medical Records, Vice Chief of Staff,
Chief of Staff, Memorial Hospital of Hawthorne [First of the AMI hospitals],
Senior Attending, Brotman Memorial Hospital, Culver City,
Centinela Hospital, lnglewood: Family Practice, Credentials, Medical Education,
Cancer, Executive Committees. Chairman of Quality Assurance and IPA.



Visiting Faculty, E. I. Dupont. Lectures at various hospitals on west coast.

[see invited talks section]

Debate with Delano Meriwether, M.D.,
Director of the National Influenza Immunization Program, Physician's Radio Network,
May 4, 1977
Talks on amantadine & influenza, Physician's Radio Network, Feb. 2 & 3, 1978
A critique of the Swine Flu Immunization Program, Los Angeles Press Club, October 1976
Appearance on KNBC Evening News, Los Angeles, feature story on amantadine & influenza, February 1978

N.I.H. Consensus Development Conference, Bethesda, MD,
articles on amantadine & influenza included in panel. Attended conference.

October 1979
Centinela Hospital Medical Center conference: "Antivirals-the 1980's"
Coordinated and moderated two-day conference. Consisted of lectures by six of the leading researchers on antiviral drugs
October 23 & 24, 1978
AAFP/APA Joint Committee on recognizing depression in family practice,
to set up seminars on depression around the country, San Francisco,
Recognizing depression in the general medical setting, Centinela Hospital, 1989

"The use of amantadine & rimantadine in influenza," with Shirley Fanin, M.D. Life & Times, KCET-TV, April 1998



"The Physician and Sexual Revolution," New England Journal of Medicine, February 17, 1966

"Triple Separation in Retired Military Personnel," New England Journal of Medicine, January 25, 1968

"Toward an Understanding of Teenagers: Alternatives to Drug Abuse," Clinical Pediatrics, January 1969 [Also reprinted in various lay and clerical publications.

"Putting the Child First," Pediatric News, January 1970 3

"Why is the Creative Child Different?", Pediatric News, April 1970

"E. Coli Otitis Media," Journal of American Medical Assn., August 9, 1971 [Also in Clinical Pediatrics]

"Prevention of Recurrent Nosebleeds in Children," Clinical Pediatrics, December 1972 [Also reprinted in Emergency Medicine, Current Pediatric Therapy and textbook of ENT.]

"Coronary Prevention Profile," Developed in 1968 and printed in Medical Times, July 1975

"Twelve-Step Programs as an Adjunct to Psychotherapy and Psychopharmacology," Primary Care Companion, J Clinical Psychiatry 2:4 August 2000. 130-133

NOTE: sole author on all publications cited


"The Cardiopulmonary Complications of Influenza" Practical Cardiology, Vol. 8, No. 11, October 1982

"Amantadine for Influenza A" Canadian Medical Association Journal, June 15, 1981

"Influenza in the Urban Setting" Journal of Urban Health, December 1981

"A Boost for Amantadine" Medical Tribune, November 21, 1979

Exchange of letters with Dr. Albert Sabin on the failure of the N. I. I. P. against Swine Flu in 1976, Medical World News, November 14, 1977

"Influenza: Vaccines or Amantadine?" Featured Commentary, Journal of American Medical Assn. April 4, 1977

"Amantadine for Prophylaxis and Treatment of Influenza" Journal of American Medical Assn., Nov. 1, 1976

"A Swine Flu Critic Speaks Out" Current Prescribing, October 1976

"The Swine Flu Controversy" Medical Tribune, September 1, 1976 4

Western Journal of Medicine, July 1976

"Amantadine for Influenza in General Medical Practice" Journal of American Medical Assn., February 4, 1974

[NOTE: sole author on all publications cited]


On the history of influenza, the major epidemics, vaccines, development of the first antivirals drugs, the amantadine group, the neuraminidase inhibitors:

Memorial Hospital of Hawthorne, Hawthorne, Ca 1974
Brotman Memorial Hospital, Culver City, CA
Torrance Memorial Hospital, Torrance, CA
Robert F. Kennedy Hospital, Hawthorne, CA
Salinas Community Hospital, Monterey, CA
Parkland Hospital, Portland, OR
Encino Hospital, Encino, CA
U.C. Irvine College of Medicine, Scientific Seminar, Lake Tahoe, NV
Medical Center of Tarzana, Tarzana, CA
Centinela Hospital, Inglewood, CA
U.C. Irvine College of Medicine, Scientific Seminar, Santa Barbara, CA
California Nurse Pracitioner's Association, November 1999
Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital, December 1999
Menifee Valley Community Hospital, September 2000
Costal Communities Hospital, Santa Ana, October 2000


  1. Coordinator & Moderator, CME Courses, UCI College of Medicine, Alumni Association, 1990- 95:

  2. Approaching Medicine in the 21St Century, UC Irvine College of Medicine

    1. Advances in Cancer Management, Sept. 19, 1992

    2. Advances in the Neurological Sciences, Oct. 9, 1993

    3. Advance in Cardiology, Sept. 30, 1994

    4. Infectious Diseases, October 14, 1995 5

  3. Semi-annual conferences for UCI College of Medicine, Alumni Assn. 1990-1995

  4. Seminar faculty: La Casa de Maria retreat center, Santa Barbara, CA Weekend seminars: Healing the Wounded Healer--A Time For Renewal. For healthcare professionals and related fields. Visions Retreat, 1992-1995

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